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Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Which: I talk about relationship fear

As mentioned in my last post, I'm dating an amazing man.  And most days- I thank God that I am with him.  He truly astounds.  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid of some things- that some days seem really BIG and other days seem ridiculous to consider...

Monday, April 11, 2011

In Which: I realize I've completely forgotten this blog!

Wow- my faithful readers... It's been a ridiculous amount of time since I've last posted.  It's not for a lack of interest in writing to you fine folks, or that I've been lazy, but rather that life has seemed to have totally consumed my free time in ways I did not conceive when I started writing this blog.

So what's happened since we last spoke.  Well to start with, my job (along with the new boss) became so much more complex (in a very good way) than I had expected.  I've found myself working 7 days a week (granted Sat. and Sun. are primarily just an hour or two) while brain-stormig new programs for our affiliates- al of which, I thoroughly enjoyed.  

My grandmother passed away, and I spent 2 weeks in Florida, helping my grandfather get over the hump of loosing his wife of over 50 years.  

I made it through my first 6 months commuting, and realized it didn't give me quite as much free money as I had hoped, but at least I've got a new, reliable car to show for it.

I got kicked out of my former BFIC's wedding because of a stupid spat over what the ex-landlord decided to keep out of our security deposit.

And finally, I've hooked myself an amazing man.  That's right- your singleton extraordinaire- who thought she just might be a singelton for life, found the love of her short life.   The BF is the most amazing man I have ever met, and probably the kindest most giving person I have met outside of my Grandmother who passed away.  How did we meet?  Well in January- I decided I would give eCupid a try.  I had been on eHarmony and Match before- to very little success.  And in January, I logged on, set up a profile, and began getting several responses.  BF was not actually someone I considered a top candidate (as if this was a job interview), though our compatibility was well into 91%, because he's 34 (me turning 26 this week) and I was talking with a guy who was a major tech geek like me.  But BF kept engaging me in conversations online, and eventually (though I was not very very talkative with him) had the courage to ask me out for a date.

Well- I said yes- per my dating policy (every guy gets one chance in person to woo me, after all, my experience in sales said elevator pitches sucked).  So anyway, we got together the last weekend in January and met up at a local Italian restaurant.  When I arrived, he had a white rose and godiva chocolate for me.   And he was handsome.  Gorgeous blue/green eyes and a wonderful smile.  But still- I was nervous.  As a Liberal Christian, I always find it tough to date Christian men, because it's difficult as heck finding one that doesn't feel my place is barefoot and in the kitchen (not to mention agree or at least tolerate my more liberal social tendencies).  At any rate, dinner went well, but it was until we got to chatting about politics that I was hooked.  Our opinions on politics, politicians, and social issues was so very similar.

Since that weekend, most of my free time on the weekends has been spent getting to know this amazing person.  A kind a gentle soul who making my life an amazing place to be right now.

So with that said, on the relative eve of my 26th birthday, I am ready to start blogging again, and talking more about BF- who needs a better name.