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Who Am I?

I'm Jules, in my mid twenties (literally) and am excited that you stopped my to check out my little slice of the internet.   There's a lot to know about me, which you'll probably find out by reading this blog, but here's a good start: 

I’m a geek gal and pretty much have been most of my life.  I was that girl who raised her hand in every class, knew more about Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman than TRL, and asked for the internet for her 13th birthday (did I mention “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago?”).  Now, as a fully function 20-something, I want this blog to be about the awkward amongst us.  Those of us, who have no issues spending $100’s of dollars on the latest tech gadget, but cringe paying more than $50 for shoes.   In this blog you will likely not find commentaries on fashion (though I do enjoy sites like gofugyourself), celebrity gossip (unless its about my favorite geek love David Tennant or my German boyfriend Daniel Bruhl), or what Lady Gaga is up to (because we all know she’s a topic on her own).  Nope, instead, you’ll likely find the things I geek out about with my little brother (who tolerates my geekiness, because he himself has a decent dose thanks to me),  the wonderful things I stumble upon on the internet (since I work for an internet company this is not difficult), and how to completely keep yourself socially-awkward at all times.  In short, you’re getting me!