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Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Which: I apologize, I rant, and I brag

Wow, I've been such a bad blogger.  Haven't been around for a month.  A lot of reasons for it, some include the mundane.  MyCompany has been keeping me ridiculously busy.  I'm in the process of moving home (so I could -brag warning- buy a NEW CAR) and am generally dealing with the Russian Roulette that is the weather lately.

So, anyway- apologies for being such a bad blogging friend.  Now on to business.

Rant Warning-
I had a business lunch today with some guys who are starting a new social networking site.  Said site only launched about 3 weeks ago.  Now, we've had this meeting set up for over a week, and we were meeting at 11:30 at a restaurant in the city.  So I hauled my ridiculously sick self over to the restaurant thinking this is going to be a lunch meeting.  I get there find the table and am asked to sit down.  I'm given 10 minutes to talk about our partnership, before I'm rushed away by them because they have another meeting to attend.

I'm more than frustrated that my trip to said restaurant resulted in a meeting that was less time than the trip one way.  However- I couldn't get extremely snarky because at the end of the day, they have some pretty big name endorsements and partners that would be overall, a great place for us to market.  So I had to suck it up and pretend that that sort of behavior was acceptable.

Anyway, I just wonder, if I was a guy or older by about 10 years, if this meeting would have gone more respectfully.  I'm so spoiled by MyCompany being a bastion of mid twenty to late thirty year olds primarily who respect each other for the awesome ideas and energy.  I sometimes forget about the workplace bias there is towards those who are younger and think you are worth more than the cost of your suite.

Rant finished.

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