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Friday, August 6, 2010

In Which: the job is discussed (a.k.a: my job at Mycompany)

So I work for an Internet company, about which, I hopefully will not geek out about too much. Great is my love for Mycompany. There are times, when it is not uncommon for someone to get a singing telegram or a belly dancer for her or his birthday, or for us to get iced, during a meeting. So, what do I do for Mycompany? Well, I work for our marketing and business development department.

Which leads me to my first topic- Affiliate Marketing.

For those of you not in the know, affiliate programs are what keep little blogs like mine, and many others afloat. Great companies like Amazon, Groupon, Netflix, and Soda Stream have affiliate programs that pay “publishers” (hi guys, that’s this blog ) for specific actions you, the reader, take as a result of their advertisement. Now, there are FTC regulations that require publishers to report that they are receiving money for their ads, as well as report when posts are, in layman’s terms “product placement”.

Now, obviously there are many opinions about affiliate marketing. However, I have a few rules that I think about when we talk about our biz dev and marketing.

I start with these two questions first:

  • How did you hear about Mycompany?
  • What’s the main goal of your website?

I like those two questions, because they get to the heart of why I passionately believe about affiliate marketing. I don’t believe in working with someone who doesn’t know my site I don’t want them pretending to be passionate about Mycompany -(with a few minor caveats- Geek BF David Tennat would be more than welcome to talk about Mycompany even if he doesn’t know who we are, because if that’s as close to him as I’ll get, than it’s good to go, in my eyes). Because, if you (as a publisher), aren’t engaged with the people you are promoting, you’ve completely missed the point of affiliate marketing – to spread the word organically, through trusted sources.

The second question, I like, because it targets what the person is trying to do with their blog. I write this blog for a couple of reasons. I started it, as a way for me to understand my profession from a publisher’s standpoint. I hope to continue it for several reasons, including the need for a geeky outlet, the need for some consistency, and because I miss writing term papers (Please reference #23 on my Geek Card). Would I approve me for Mycompany’s program? Yes, because we’d have this awesome geek rapport going on about Mycompany. Especially when I tell me about the awesome celebratory breakfast we had when Mycompany expanded, or our Cinco de Mayo mandatory meeting!

Oh- you want to hear about those too? Well, children, that’s a story for another day!

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