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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Which: I decide giving blood is a brilliant idea- until it isn't.

So a little background.  Before today I'd given blood one other time.  My delay in getting it done was for several reasons- some to do with fears (of doctor's needles), but mostly because I just hadn't gotten around to it.

But, about a month before I got my first tattoo (a shooting star on my foot, with the phrase "always there" in German), I decided I better do my civic and karmic duty and give some blood before I became ineligible to give.  

Well today, MyCompany sponsored a blood drive, and so I thought to myself, "Self, what the heck. You haven't given blood in almost 4 years (thanks you tattoo number two- shooting start on my other foot, with the phrase "Have Faith" in Polish), you should do it now!" 

So a gal I work with decided to head down with me, and she was nervous, having never gave blood before.  She was so methodical in how she read every warning that was on the consent form.  I'm thinking no big deal, it'll be great.  I dutifully fill out the form (Which had to remind me 3 times, that I'm not pregnant, nor have I ever been. With my own 20's fears, I almost feared I would also get confirmation with a big smiley sticking its tongue out at me, going nananabooboo you'll never have kids).  

So they do the tests, and I look away from the needle (as opposed to when I get a tattoo and am completely fascinated by the process). 

Well the next thing I know, I'm feel a little queasy. Nothing too bad, but enough that I felt I should let the tech guy know.  So he leans my chair back, and I feel  a little better, especially after he gave me an ice pack.

Did I mention Tech guy was kinda cute?  Well this probably had more to do with the fact, that at this point, I'm steps away from feeling helpless, and he was pretty attractive.  Wish I had a better game...

Anyway, they unplug me, and I thought, wow- I filled that thing quick (only about 8 minutes) and walk out to the waiting room.  I was still feeling the after effects of the queasiness, but figured if I got a sip of water I'd be fine.  So I sat down and this adorable old man, who was volunteering came up to me, and got really close, asking me if I was okay.

Now, my dear readers, this is where I wished someone had taken my picture because I'm sure I looked horrible. And at that moment, I decided giving blood was not a brilliant idea, as my vision folded in upon itself and I felt as if I had been pushed under water. In the recesses of this almost pass out, I felt so ridiculously helpless, and just wanted to cry.  It took all the will power I possessed not to do two things: cry and vomit.  Luckily I did neither, and was rewarded with cold packs, and doting volunteers.  The whipped out one of the donor recliners, and got me back up on one in what must have been minutes.

So, I spent about 20 minutes in the waiting area, just trying to feel a little better.  The elevator ride back up to my desk, definitely was a trying time, and I was worried I was going to faint.  Luckily, I made it back to my desk, to tell you this amazing story.

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