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Friday, August 6, 2010

In Which I Love Vintage Marketing

I'm a sucker for creative marketing, and this takes the case.  The full story is over on Tech Crunch (My Geek Gal idea of a gossip rag)  But I had to post this picture that was on their site, simply because it rocks my world out.

How fun are these? I particularly love that they have the look and feel of the vintage times they come from, including the computer types that were predicted in "future based" shows.   These were apparently put together by a Brazilian Ad Agency (Moma), and they just go to show that vintage is completely in.  But what I think is more impressive, is how these ads really do capture what each of these mediums (Skype, Youtube, and Facebook) help you do.  I could easily show these to my mom or my grandmother and after taking a look at these, they'd know. 

And that, in the end is sometimes the problem with my generation.  We've forgotten how to visually tell in a creative way. My first instinct, to describe these is to show, what exactly these mediums are- after all how would you describe the phone?   The Social Media generation is one that really values the fact that we can just pop on the internet to access information and learn what it means.  We don't even have to be near a computer, we just need to whip out our smart phones.  And while Social Media and instant marketing are great tools that are allowing us to spread information, we definitely need things like this to remind us that marketing can be very creative! These are the things that make me really happy to see.

Keep fighting the good fight, creative marketers across the globe!  Rock On.


  1. I love those ads! That's so creative.

    I'm your first follower. Yay! (Found you on 20sb.)

  2. I love these vintage looking ads. I'm a sucker for anything vintage inspired but these are just so cute!

  3. Yeah Jess! Thanks for the comment! I'm a sucker for anything vintage too. And so following Tech Crunch, I loved that I saw this...

    We Hate You- Thanks for the comment too.