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Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Which: I post an obligatory response to that Marie Claire Article

Yup- I'm going to do it.  I'm going to walk into the murky waters and write about this Marie Claire Post.  Now before I get started I'd like to set down a few rules about this post and other controversial things I may post in the future:
1. If I believe a post was created just to link bait (which I firmly believe is the case with this Marie Claire Artical) I will only link to the secondary source I found it at. 
  • Why?  Because I do not want to reward the provacotive blogger's editors by giving them more traffic. 
2.  If you choose to comment, please keep it respectful.  I don't care if your opinion is different than mine, but name calling or anything of the like will be strictly frowned upon and likely removed. 

3.  I reserve the right to add more rules as need be.  :) 

Alright- now that I've set the rules for this clean fight, let's get started shall we?

So here's the breakdown.  Chick on Marie Claire get's an assignment to chat about Mike & Molly (a tv show that launched this fall on CBS).   Premise of said show revolves around an overweight pair who meet at an over-eaters anonymous meeting.  Now, as an overweight gal myself, I have my own issues with this show.  My issues are that it seems (at least from the previews I've seen) that a lot of the jokes center around the couple's size and not their situations.   Again, I have not watched an episode yet, and am totally willing to give it a shot once I have a chance.  At any rate, the hulabalu comes about because the Marie Claire blogger (who had an eating disorder) unleashes a horrendously nasty diatribe on fat people and how disguisting we are to look at even walking across the room-let alone kissing in public!

At this point, I'm upset. And do you know why?  Well she goes on to talk about self-control and self-love and eating properly.  I understand those were what got your life back in order Ms. MC Blogger, but guess what?  Not every fat person sits on their ass all day gorging out on food, hating themselves, and eating lard out of a tub.

No, instead so many people are fat because of so many reasons. 

But I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm fat because I have a disease (because as far as my doctor and I can tell-barring extensive and expensive testing everything about me is 100% healthy-cholestorol, BP, insulin, etc).  The truth is, I don't know why I'm fat, and that's the most frustrating part about people who throw around fat insults as if I'm purposely choosing to a lifestyle that gives me nothing but ridicule and laughter as I live my life. At least if I was fat because I choose to only eat ridiculously unhealthy food or refused to exercise, I'd know how to do something about my offense to you!

However, let me tell you a little about my life growing up.  I grew up in a household with a stepsister.  We are only 6 months apart in age.  I was always the heavier one, and becuase of that, have always been very mindful of what I ate. (Especially when you have a biological father who would let every woman he dated bully him into saying I was fat and should be on endless diets-which thank god, my Mom stood up to him about.) Even now, I rarely eat fried foods  or overeat (no more than my friends in college who were also skinny), I don't exercise less than they did, and yet I've always been the heavier one.  But anyway- back to my sister.

She was literally stick skinny until she hit puberty at which point she gained boobs and that's it.  I believe now, she's roughly a size 6-8.  We ate the same food, she often ate more than I did.  Particularly where breakfast was concerned.  It would never cease to amaze me that she could wolf down (and seriously the girl inhaled them) 6 pancakes for breakfast loaded with butter and syrup and I could barely eat 2 with a little bit of jam on top.  Meanwhile I was shopping in womens while she was still shopping in the childrens section because juniors was too big. 

Growing up, I never lacked confidence in myself.  I was on the swim team for pete's sake-swimming anchor on the 1000m Medley. I never had any problems going out in public in a swimsuit or shorts.  My only weird quirks were that I refused to wear t-shirts out in public (which was mostly because I didn't want to look like a slob) and I hate short skirts even to this day (but really I'm not a fan of them on anyone-call me a prude).   So to read these women who say that I have a lack of self control and that I don't love myself, just enrages me.  I'm sorry Ms. MCBlogger, I'm sorry that my metabolism for whatever reason, refuses to help keep me svelte and bitter-as it seems you are. But guess what, I didn't ask for you to show faux concern over me.  No one is throwing Gucci your way as a reward for your concern, so back off.

Because, in the end, Ms. MCBogger, while there are people out there with eating disorders, as you seemed to suffer from, some of us-short of starving ourselves, cannot loose weight.  I don't understand why it is acceptable for you to foist your discomforts on me and people who look like me.

Take a look at her rant, or direct quotes, and please tell me that if you inserted any other race in places where she says the word fat-that it wouldn't be treated as hate speech.

So here it is blog world- I'm fat.  I have been since I was about 4 years old.  But that is not who I am.  I work for a tremendously successful company, I actually adore my family, I have great friends, and while I do not have a man yet- I look forward to knowing that when I do fall in love, he won't be someone who is only wrapped up in the fashion magazine's idea of beauty.  I'm smart, I graduated cum laude with 2 degrees, and graduated high school 16 in my class of over 400 including a year without grades because I lived in another country!  And I have this little bit of internet real estate.

It may not be as big as yours Ms. MCBlogger, but at least I do not have to tear people apart for things they may have no control over to make myself feel better.

Here's a link to another blogger who covers the topic so much better than I do: http://www.fatshionista.com/cms/


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