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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Which: My BFF finally gets an interview and Gift Horses are Discussed

Well- here I am settling into my evening commute (did I mention it's roughly 2 hours from door to door?) pulling up the internet through my lovely hacked connection, and I get a phone call interrupting my internet service, and I start to grumble, because if it's the stupid blood bank auto-dialing me again, I may scream.  You all re-call my horrible experience giving blood a few months ago.

Thankfully, it was not.

It was M-my BFF in Texas who is trying to move back up here.

Now M is a great gal, she and L are my bet friends, and between the two of them, they are pieces of my soul.  But L&M went to Texas and left me behind up here (as well as several of our other college friends).  Now that they've been in the great Lone Star state, they realize how alone they are down there, and have been desperately trying to find employment back up here, so as to be closer to all of us fine folks.

It's to the point where they are considering re-signing their lease for more than a month to month contract.  Meaning they would lock in again for at least another 6 months.  That gives me a major sad face.  Anyway- M finally got a call back from an organization she really wants to work for.  First thought was, with all sincerity - Thank you Lord!   I have been praying for her to get at least an interview, at the very least to pull her spirits up, about the entire situation. L is a little more okay with staying in Tejas, so M has been feeling the pressure more.   If you are of the praying persuasion, say a little prayer for her, and if not, send some good karma thoughts her way!

Rant Below (if you only want warm and fuzzies don't click through)-

In other news, can we please talk about Non-Profit Organizations.  I work with them in my current job.  And don't get me wrong, 90-95% of the time they are great, and magnanmous, and humble and-well you get the picture.   But every so often I run into the entitled Non-Profit that just upsets me a bit. (And Before I go further, let me just state that: A. This is not an official view of MyCompany B. nor is it really that big of deal, and any and all correlations to real life, are likely over-exaggerated and probably partially fictionalized for the sake of this blog and my job.)

I get it, you want MyCompany to help you out.  I get that you are interested in a donation.  And guess what?  If I had millions upon millions I might choose to give it to you.  But unfortunately, I probably make less than you Mr. Director of Putupon Nonprofit.  I am actively answering your request for some sort of partnership with MyCompany, and giving you a real opportunity to create a steady revenue stream, that will not cap at a dollar amount donation.  I'm also giving you tools to work with other companies (obviously not as cool as MyCompany) for eternity.   Furthermore, I don't need any special approval from a special non-profit committee to help you or the timing to be right for your campaign to integrate with what we do.

In other words, please don't: (Thanks Go English for the image-via google search)

So, please, for the love of your organization, do not approach me as if I slapped you in the face because I offered my department as a piece of MyCompany's ability to work with you.  Furthermore, after I've explained the process, please do not continue to pitch your idea, when I've explained the extent to which I can help you. It's frustrating to me, because again, I'd love to if I could but I can't. I am not your enemy and don't appreciate being treated as if I am. 

Uggh-  entitlement is never becoming to anyone, and for you dear Putupon Nonprofit, it is not any prettier. 

Ciao darlings-


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