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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Which: Real Life gets busy

Wow-  my faithful readers, it's been a week since I've updated and I feel like such a spaz.   Let me tell you, last week was one of the busiest weeks I've had in a long time.  I was out every night, and work was ridiculously busy as well.  That said, I'm going to give a quick breakdown of my week, and hopefully I can come back and give you the major details...

  • Monday - Cooking class where I learned to make Pasta with my Mom.  Lot of fun, cute guy next to me (an architecht) was dating someone.  Mom's plans foiled to try and play matchmaker.
  • Tuesday- Gave blood (about which I've already lamented) and went to BFiC's (Best Friend in Chicago's) house for a night of bitching about how ridiculously high school a few friends are.
  • Wednesday- Wine networking event.  Met some great guys, including a Programmer who was very attractive, very my type, and single... Also met good looking attorney who was also great guy, but relatively older than I am (more on this conundrum guaranteed, I need advice).
  • Thursday- Company Picnic!!!!!!!!!!  Loads of fun with the gang from MyCompnay, including riding in a double decker bus, getting dragged into Sand Volleyball game, and enjoying free beeer.
  • Friday- Drove to family's house through Thunderstorm
  • Saturday- Finally did absolutely nothing, but made an amazing Ratatouille.
  • Sunday- Polish Mass and County Fair all in one day. After that, we taught my 16 y/o brother how to make homemade pasta.
Whew- that was exhausting and you didn't even get the blow by blow (which shall be forth coming for Monday and Wednesday at least).

Hugs and enjoy Blog Hop Tuesday!


  1. sounds like a busy week! I love reading your blog :)

  2. Monica-

    Glad you like my blog. Which story should I update first? I'm going to try and do one tonight at least.

    I think you have my dream car, that I'm possibly going to buy soon. How do you like your bug?